David Frankel represents clients charged with all crimes in State and Federal Courts including homicide and death penalty cases, major felonies, drug offenses, grand jury representation and misdemeanors. With more than 28 years of experience and over 350 jury trials combined as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, David understands the complexities of any criminal matter his client may face. He consistently produces positive results for his clients whether the matter is resolved by negotiation or by trial.


The appellate process is an opportunity to review the decisions that were made at the trial level. The presentation of legal issues to a higher court ensures fairness and can often be the only course of action to protect your interests if an error was made. If there are any legitimate legal issues to raise or if new evidence has come to light, we will help you through the appellate process.

Litigation Support

David offers expertise and support to trial attorneys with legal matters pending in both state and federal court by providing:

  • Exceptional written advocacy and critical motions for all phases of litigation
  • Consultation on legal strategy and evidentiary issues
  • Deposition and trial representation