David Frankel came highly recommended and I’m so grateful to have chosen him to represent me. He was amazing, he was empathetic in supporting my difficult journey and patiently educated me through each process. His commitment and diligence to expose inaccuracies and illuminate the facts, eventually lead to a correct verdict of not guilty in a two-week jury trial. It is difficult to find words accurately express my gratitude. His blend of strength and gentility is so effective, unique, and powerful. There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t feel grateful for all David did for me and my family. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance. ~ James Kigar

"Through David Frankel’s legal expertise, he properly justified my actions and was able to clear me. David was able to methodically discredit the prosecution’s case and the judge dismissed my case. I am forever grateful to David for returning my innocence and freedom.” ~ Jorge Carballo

"David took a chance on me, believed in and fought for me. Because of him I’m able to be with my family. I’ll forever be indebted to him. I thank him every time I see him.” ~Taniqua L.

"I actually met David as a veteran practicing yoga. I can never repay the kindness and so I pay it forward the best I can. His services were phenomenal and I did win. Thank you David." ~Adriane R.